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Soul Knowledge Programs

Are you just beginning your journey?  Or do you want to go deeper? 

What's Your Program?


Intutive Insights

Understand through your intutition.  Guidance is based off your soul's knowledge.  Readings are not predictions but opportunities for you to reach into what you really want.

Health Betterment

Health challenges are usually an 'off balance' in your world.  Let's get to the core of this dis-ease and remove the patterns and propel your healing.

Learn Your Magic

Magic.  Yes.  We all have it.  Born with it.  How do you use this for your highest and best good? Or, to move out resistance. 


Timeless, ageless and eloquent techniques give you soul security.  Reminding you of what serves you.  Once re-established, you will blossom on your own - again.

Straighten Out Relations

Interpersonal relationships.  Our largest area for soul growth.  Why does it seem so challenging. Maybe it just doesn't have to be.  Have you looked at the center of the lesson..


Sometimes, life just gets away or out of hand.  Stuck.  Overwhelm.  Misunderstanding your soul's goals can restructure your field immediately.

Evolve Every Area of Your Life




Improve your relationship with your physical body through your raising your energy within your soul centers and gain control over the forces that impact it.



Enhance mental processing and improve the quality of your emotions by clearing your mind of clutter and express accurately.



Align and cleanse your soul through energy exercises which actually remove unwantedjust by cleansing your soul centers, leaving you with the for ultimate energy of spiritual experts.



Discover new meaning and connection in your most intimate and important relationships.



Tap into a new level of consciousness and spirituality with mindfulness exercises that unlock your deepest desires and allow easy manifestations.



Join a community of "Life Masters" who are, just like you, driven to become the best version of themselves and grow together.


When You Attend Soul Knowledge Events

With cutting-edge insights from the ancient teachings to today’s most sought-after experts, teaching you energy tools in health, well-being and spirituality – and you’ll gain the confidence, knowledge and strategies to maintain your new peak health for a lifetime.  


This isn’t just a wellness or mindset seminar – it’s the ultimate way to reclaim and revitalize your life and radically transform your health and current life.


Don’t leave it to chance.

Don’t put it off for later. 

Your health, wellness, energy and qualityof life can't afford to wait.

Reach the Top_edited.jpg

Young Chan, CA

“I am feeling ecstatic right now. This 12 Realms program has been great. Doing it with my family is even better.  This will take our family's health to a different level.”

Jane Morgan, NY

“I just finished the Mini Program and have already put the tools into daily use and I feel energized. My body feels amazing! I wanted to thank you for making this process fun and enjoyable"”

Liane Russell, MI

“What I remember from this is that I am healing and how far I've come. I feel that I can now create what I want through my magic mindset.  I have to say, this was a great program

Your New Life Starts Today!


You can control and transform your life at any age. But the thing is, most of us are drowning in information and yet starving for the sustainable strategies that we can actually use and implement to improve the quality of our lives.  


The 12 Realms Deep Dive cuts through all that noise and brings you the strategies and tools you need for ultimate, life-long health, wealth and purpose right into your home.  


Unleash peak physical, mental and emotional well-being when you discover the path to ultimate fulfillment with Soul Knowledge & The 12 Realms To Soul Evolution.



Your Path to A Revitalized Life Starts Right Now...

Imagine what it would be like to wake up every morning with the energy, vitality and energy tools to accomplish anything you desire. This is what life will be like when you completely revitalize all aspects of your well-being through The 12 Realms of Soul Evolution and leave fear, worry and anxiety about health and aging behind.  

12 Realms. Mini Course. Header.png

The 12 Realms - Mini Course

An afternoon overview of Soul Knowledge and The 12 Realms of Soul Evolution

$ 19.00


2 Hours - At Your Pace - On Your Time.  

A great place to begin your journey

Soul Knoweledge.Header.png

Soul Knowledge - Deep Dive

$ 259.00

6 Hours - 2 Realms Per Class

At Your Pace, On Your Time

Get deep and real in awakening your soul knowledge.  Learn the tools to harness your magic and create from an absolute state. 

Who Is Soul Knowledge For?

Soul Knowledge is for anyone who wakes up in the morning and hits snooze.


Anyone who feels out of sorts throughout the day and questions what it's about.  Where's the happiness and light.

Anyone who wants knowledge at any age regardless of the social narrative.


Soul Knowledge is for those who want to live life to the fullest, squeezing all the juice out of every single day and saying yes to all of life’s opportunities.  

Mystical Lake
Create Your Future.jpg

Picture Your Dream Life A Year From Now

Take a moment and dare to envision what your life could look like with

unlimited energy and ultimate creations...

What does it look like?

What does it feel like? 

  • Imagine cultivating more connections and better communication in every relationship – whether it’s with your romantic partner, family, friends, colleagues or people in your community.  

  • ​Imagine waking up every morning actually feeling refreshed instead of dreading your alarm – how would this transform your quality of life on a daily basis?  

  • ​Imagine having the clarity of mind and toolset to approach any challenge at work or in your business with creativity, energy and passion – how would this transform your financial future?  

The foundations you will lay with Soul Knowledge will create a ripple effect in every area of your life –

the only limit to its impact is your commitment.  


You already know there’s another level waiting for you – you already know you want MORE from life –

and Soul Knowledge is where you’ll gain the tools and capabilities to achieve your vision.  

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