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Meet Kelli


PhD, DD, Masters, Bachelors, Divinity, Life.

Discovering for myself the answers from internal and external life forces.  Guidance stems from here.


Soul and interdimensional communication.  

(Haven't you been here before?)


I've found that the soul has 12 Realms to learn, master and complete before moving into a higher consciousness state.   


This ancient wisdom will give your soul and spirit that ‘a-ha’, and ‘I knew this’ feeling.  You will know this as soul knowledge. 


This information may surprise you, yet, I hope it aligns and activates your soul understanding for easy growth and evolution.

Kelli holds a PhD in Metaphysics, a Doctor of Divinity and a MsC in Psychology.  

Living in an energy driven lifestyle is her passion.


12 Realms Inspired Art

Over years my associate, John R. Kazanjian, has created a body of artworks under the moniker ‘Experiential Paintings to Rejuvenate the Soul’.

His art was inspired by his personal Soul Knowledge journey and his work with The 12 Realms of Soul Evolution.

This may appeal to your soul also.

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